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About sikka art fair

about sikka

Sikka’s Brand Identity

The Sikka art fair is known ­­for gathering artists,

young artists, designers, design students, mentors

and the public, to share the participants’ art

and design productions for the purpose of education

and inspiration. The participants are Emirati artists, UAE based artist, collectives, and initiatives. Sikka’s principles are to support, to create a Platformof Diversity, to expose and to enjoy. Sikka’s attributes are educational, creative, supportive, collaborative and energetic.

Its mission is to enrich the cultural scene by maintaining a sustainable cultural ecosystem,

while preserving the Emirati heritage and nurturing

talents to enhance cultural diversity and social cohesion.

my concept


When I visited the Sikka, I was amused while trying to figure out the map to the art fair. Walking through the fair was a journey of discovery.


Each alley was decorated with different

productions, but had similar configurations to the other alleys.



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